Friday, November 24, 2017

Yote Arms Dealer - The Grand Bazaar of Ethra VanDalia

Yote Arms Dealer
11 x 14 - Pencil on paper 
© 2017 Christopher Burdett

Data Entry File 876943G - Personnel Records: Yote 4734-XCY-542M

  • Yote 4734-XCY-542M abandoned their biological identification marker after their first enhancement preferring their chassis number. This devotion to the Guild is noted and catalogued.
  • Yote 4734-XCY-542M specializes in the design and manufacture of mechanical and bio-superior limbs. With a natural ability for bio-superior replacements, Yote 4734-XCY-542M's work has become sought after and is bringing positive results to the Guild. Return vs. expenditure is +483.73 over the last 5 cycles. Guild Sovereigns have been informed. 
  • Prior to enhancement Yote 4734-XCY-542M worked with Designer Sovereign Greol in the design of digital assemblies in hands and manipulators (4547.4 - 4577.7). Sovereign Greol catalogued above satisfactory and excellent results in 99.9% of performance evaluations. Error rate over time recorded at -.059. Accommodations were presented 37 times for above excellent performance.
  • Yote 4734-XCY-542M underwent first enhancement in 4578.1 making them an 11th generation member of the Guild. Standard design and configuration at first enhancement. Adjustment time for enhancement was .6 with a 2.3 period of full immersion. No discernible memory or ability loss documented over 79 functionality reviews.  
  • Chassis upgrades in 4598.5, 4604.6, 4798.2, and 4834.9. Current build out ideal for interaction and sales with biologicals and Guild members. Secondary functionality module used for design, manipulation, and heavy construction. Operational breakdown: 57% interaction and sales, 23% design, 6% manipulation, 14% moderate to heavy construction.
  • Due to changing markets, Yote 4734-XCY-542M currently working with the various gladiatorial unions and independently run exploring and adventuring firms. Offensive and defensive weapon systems are currently in greatest demand.
  • No action determined at this time regarding Yote 4734-XCY-542M.

-Eustis Pettcok - Construct Guild Scribe, Cog level 7

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