Thursday, April 11, 2019

Eau-de-nil Elder - The Grand Bazaar of Ethra VanDalia

Eau-de-nil Elder
11 x 14 - Pencil on paper
© 2016 Christopher Burdett

            The Eau-de-nil are some of the most skilled crafters residing in the Bazaar. Adult Eau-de-nil range from five to seven standard Bazaar cubits in height with the males being larger than the females. Their skin is a mottled gray-green with the color darkening at the end of their six limbs. Most Eau-de-nil are hairless, but it is not uncommon for larger males to have tufts of hair on their backs and around their ears. Their eyes can be dark blue to black, which gives them the appearance of having no pupils.

With four deft hands and a wealth of knowledge that has been passed down over many generations, Eau-de-nil have few crafting rivals. While capable of crafting almost anything they put their hands too, the Eau-de-nil are best known for their musical instruments. Many of the most famous musicians play Eau-de-nil instruments. Not only are the instruments capable of producing the best quality sounds, but the Eau-de-nil are also known to add secrets and surprises to everything they build. It is not uncommon for an Eau-de-nil instrument to have a secret compartment for a weapon, or for that matter to have a hidden weapon built into the instrument. Not all of the secrets of the Eau-de-nil are so aggressive, but like so many, they create what the market demands. I have personally examined musical instruments that contained compartments for extra strings or reeds, a second or even a third additional instrument, and some instruments that can be transformed into different instruments altogether.

There are accounts collected in the Tabellary of Truths that suggest that Eau-de-nil crafted instruments contain magickal properties. That said, there have never been any Eau-de-nil wielders of magicks, and there are no records to indicate the Eau-de-nil have contracted the services of magickal crafters. There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence collected in Grgur’s Tome of Archaic Events from musicians claiming that their instruments can enhance their abilities, generate accompanying music, or even play themselves. Even so, there is still a lack of documented evidence that Eau-de-nil instruments are magickal or are anything more than musical instruments created by superior crafters.

Recently, some Eau-de-nil have begun to move away from focusing on musical instruments. Seeking more profitable and higher demand wares, many have started creating armor and weapons. While still sought after, there is a consensus that these other items lack something that the Eau-de-nil instruments possess. What that missing element is, I cannot say. Perhaps given enough time Eau-de-nil armor will be as widely known and praised as Eau-de-nil instruments.

Agatha Luculent Habile, Acolyte of the Impure Husk
(Research submission)
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