Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Gray Wanderer - The Grand Bazaar of Ethra VanDalia

Gray Wanderer
9 x 12 - Pencil on paper 
© 2014 Christopher Burdett
"The Gray Wanderer remains one of the biggest mysteries of the Bazaar. While there are many theories as to what the Gray Wander is and to why it only appears at night in the oldest parts of the Bazaar, there has yet to be any substantial evidence to prove these theories, let alone give any definitive insight into its origins. Sightings of the Gray Wanderer date back at least fifteen hundred years, but I am certain I could find evidence of even older sightings if I had access to the Vaults of Advertence. I would speculate that the Gray Wanderer may be far older then we would ever imagine and may be as old as the Bazaar itself. As of yet I have no evidence for this, save my intuition on these matters.
The general consensus is that the Gray Wanderer is a ghost or similar malevolent spirit, but this does not explain many of the eye witness accounts regarding its actions and behaviors. There are countless records of the Gray Wanderer simply wandering up and down the streets seeming to browse the store fronts. The Gray Wanderer is said to inspect the various goods for sale, almost as if it is trying to understand the items or ascertain their purpose. This is not the general behavior of the ghost population of the Bazaar. The physical appearance described in the witness statements also does not align with any ghost or specter on record. Comparing the records from the last hundred years, the Gray Wanderer is described as: (1) being in the range of 8-10 foot units in height, (2) tentacled in face, hands, and possibly body, (3) cloaked or shrouded in layers of well worn fabric, (4) carries a lamp of magical or animal nature, (5) consorts with a bird, or similar creature, that never leaves the Gray Wanderers shoulder, and (6) adorned with many talismans, bobbles, and chains which, combined with its awkward gait, gives it a singular sound as it walks. Some have described the approach of the Gray Wanderer as being heralded with the chimes of your own coffin nails. I find this description overly dramatic and plays into the fear centered around the Gray Wanderer. 
While it is true the Gray Wanderer has killed, I have found in all but one or two instances that the victim was the first to strike. Stranger still, in most situations where the Gray Wanderer has slain an individual it has returned life to the dead body. Not only does the Gray Wanderer restore any damage done by its deathblow but it often cures unrelated disease and illness that the individual had in life. These actions and abilities go well beyond that of any ghost or specter cataloged. There are reports of the Gray Wanderer appearing and vanishing into thin air, but as there are any number of ways to cause this, to use this to conclude that the Gray Wander is simply a ghost is without logic.
My findings rule out the Gray Wanderer being a ghost and suggest that we are dealing with something that is unique, extremely powerful, and vastly older than previously imagined."
 -Agatha Luculent Habile, Acolyte of the Impure Husk

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