Friday, January 26, 2018

Woven Shaper - The Grand Bazaar of Ethra VanDalia

Woven Shaper
11 x 14 - Pencil on paper 
© 2018 Christopher Burdett

"Not many know this, but I actually met Shaper once. I found him to be a very vexing and peculiar fellow.  Of course he is a very large figure, everyone knows that, but it is his smell that struck me most. A most intoxicating aroma follows him and it reminded me of when I a boy with my grandparents in the foothills of Thraka. The skies were always clear and bright in Traka, the grass lush and green, and a cool breeze would blow up from the coastline. Just thinking of Shaper reminders me of his bouquet and of my childhood. How strange that I should associate these two? But I am getting ahead of myself.

I was but a Seer First Class when I crossed paths with the Shaper. Those were heady days when I was just beginning my ascension at the tower and I was getting my first taste of authority and power. We were still wearing those ridiculous purple hoods when leaving the tower and our cloaks were a most unsettling mauve. I am so glad I eventually found myself in a position to change the dress codes. Some said it was a trivial waste of time and energy to care so about our garments, after all, we strive for knowledge and enlightenment. I firmly believe if we do no care for how we look then others will not care for what we do or what we have to say. All the knowledge in the world is useless if no one will listen and learn from it. As you know, we now wear ebony cloaks and vestments and most definitely, we no longer wear a hood when leaving the tower. I should really have one of the Psychometrician run the numbers and consult his subjects to see how much better our information is being accepted by the populous since converting to the new dressing. They do say the clothes make the being!

How far I have come since the days of being a Seer First Class. It sometimes sends my mind off in so many directions to think about how much I have seen and done over the years. Of course I am stopped in thought when considering how long Shaper has been at the Bazaar, or Ethra for that matter. Gives you perspective for sure. All my accomplishments are just a drop in the bucket for a being that has lived hundreds, possibly even thousands of years. Think of all those opportunities for  exquisite meals and drinks they must have had. That is of course if they actually eat and drink. Can you imagine such a long life without the pleasure of a fine meal and to have your thirst quenched with the best elixir? I would consider a shorter lifespan to afford myself five meals a day like any civilized being. Granted, if they don't eat then they might not sleep and that would certainly free up a lot of time to put towards your work. Maybe that is how Shaper can make so many wonderful and fascinating oddities.

I believe it was dusk when I met Shaper. I was looking for a particular restaurant in the Woven district that day. The restaurant was reportedly serving specially crafted meats produced by Shaper himself. 'Flavors never tasted before by any being' was the restaurant's motto. I never did find the restaurant because it turned out that the restaurant exploded earlier that very day. There is always something unexpected happening in the Bazaar. I am just thankful that I already had lunch plans that day. While I was wondering around the alleys and streets of the Woven district with two very hungry Acolytes I turned a corner and there he was, Shaper. Standing in the middle of the street he was unmistakable. Not many beings of his size or shape for that matter. Shaper and a team of Assistants were coaxing a Breaker into a cart when he must have noticed three members of the of the Impure Husk out on the town for the evening. Shaper came over to us and that was when I first noticed his odor and all as once, I was in Thraka. It took me a moment to collect myself and remember my manors. I began to introduce myself when Shaper interrupted me with, "Nice hood." After which he promptly returned to the Breaker and the cart. Such an odd fellow, but his fragrance is unmistakable."

-Reginald Blatherskite - Anointed Seer of the Impure Husk

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